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 Trading and Construction Company
Trading and Construction Company

Non-residential construction

H. Hardeman BV delivers commercial property, distribution centers, factories, warehouses, business centers, offices, hotels, etc. All of these buildings are part of non-residential construction and are designed by ourselves, where the most efficient and effective product is always used. These products include: PIRplus sandwichpanels, aerated concrete elements, concrete elements and many more. The basis for our designed and produced buildings is always a solid steel construciton from hot-rolled steel, col-rolled steel or a combination of the two.

When designing your future building we consider:

• Sustainability:
Material usage, re-used materials, limiting waste and emission during construction, low enery usage.
• Flexibility:
Expandability of the building, adaptability to new desires or functions.
• Logistics:
Installing loading docks and doors in the right place, smart positioning of potential columns, wide and high doors, sufficient maneuverability in- and outside.
• Working conditions:
Sufficient daylight, considering orientation relative to the sun, isolation, white insides, ventilation.
• Price/quality:
No cutbacks on parts that could result in increased upkeep or energy costs later on, savings on unnecessarily difficult detailing, searching for standard tested solutions.
• Fire protection:
Applying PIRplus isolation, intelligent partitioning, applying.
• Short construction times:
Using prefab parts where possible, aligning windows and frames to pattern lines.

At Reference Projects you may find some inspiration and see what projects we have already realized.