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Apart from custom work starting from around 150 square meters, H. Hardeman BV also develops and delivers standardised annexes. These are specially designed to fit as much as possible within the regulations for permit-exempt annexes. With the implementation of new legislation, starting November 1st, 2014, this is much easier. In short: Annexes may be built without permit behind or next to the main building when;
  • It is functionally subordinate to the main building (think garage, storage, office, stable, etc.)
  • The total surface area is no more than 150 square meters (for a plot size of 900 square meters); for a plot of 400 square meters in can be up to 100 square meters.
  • The gutter height is not higher than 3 meters and the ridge height is no more than 5 meters and the roof slope is less than 47% when building at the edge of the plot.
  • Potential accommodation is only on the first floor.
The annex must satisfy the requirements in the legislation for fire-proofing, door size, insulation, etc. Practically all commercially available annexes do not satisfy these requirements and are strictly speaking illegal. For these reasons our annexes satisfy even the strictest requirements. They are, among other things, calculated to withstand maximal wind and snow stress (even on the Frisian islands for instance) and the roof as well is immediately made suitable for placing PV solar panels.


At this moment the annex ZDK100 has finished development: an insulated building of around 8 x 12 meters. Ideal as a garage, hobby area, office, etc. The door is normally fitted with a large sectional garage door. This is a large insulated overhead door. The wide wicket door of 1 x 2.3 meters is provided with a synthetic frame with HR++ glass. The building is available with extra windows or doors, extra garage doors in the side wall are also possible.

See the brochure and drawing for “Hardeman bijgebouw ZDK100” at the bottom of the page (In Dutch).

Furthermore, there is an available Budget living module, a prefabricated module of around 13.20 x 3.50 meters with flat roof with a gross surface area of 46 square meters and is suitable as temporary or permanent accommodation, but also for instance as office unit or guest room. For more information see the brochure “Hardeman woonmodules” at the bottom of the page (In Dutch).

Bijgebouw ZDK100 (brochure)
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Bijgebouw ZDK100 (tekening)
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Woonmodules (brochure)
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