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Privacy Declaration

H. Hardeman Trade & Construction Company

Collection and use of personal information of customers, suppliers and other contractors.

We would like to inform you that we only ask for personal information because it is required to broker agreements. This is also the case for our suppliers and contractors. We use the following information: NAME, ADDRESS, CONTACT DETAILS. We also use the given e-mail and will save it. We only use your address if you agreed with our use. You are able to delete your email from our system at any time.

If you’re a potential customer, then we use your information to send you the order and to see what requirements should be needed for that area, information for transport towards your area and we use the information for a quick communication.

If you’re a potential supplier or other contractor the information is very important and necessary for the conclusion and implementation of the agreement. If you purchase something its necessary to be able to let you know which specifications or wishes on the particular item or service we need to meet, to send you the order, and for you to pay the order and off course we need the information for a quick communication.


You’re not required to give personal information. But if we don’t have the needed information it could be possible that we can’t help you with the asked service.

Transfer to third parties

If we have made some agreements on a service it could be possible that we give your information to third parties because they need to deliver parts or other materials. We also use an external server to store our administration, which your information is part of. This is the reason why we also indirectly give your information to the server provider.

Storage period of personal information

After you made an order but then decided not to become a customer we will delete the information after one year after our last contact. If you became a customer then we will save the information for 40 years. This period starts at the end of the year we had our last contact, we keep the information because of our warranty policy. After this period, we will delete the information. Some blueprints might be saved in our archive.

Tracking on our site
On our website hardeman.nl we collect the data of the visitors. This data will be the time of the visit, the IP-address and the data the browser sends us. Your data could be used to analyse the behaviour of our customers on the site and the improvement of the site. We do not transfer this information to third parties.


Google Analytics
Our website uses Google Analytics, it’s a web analyse service build by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses ‘cookies’ to analyse the behaviour of the visitors. This program gives us vital information about our site; number of visits, internet traffic, visited pages and other essential information that helps us to improve the site. This data will be kept anonymous. We don’t use behaviour targeting, this is showing different people different ads based on their behaviour online.
We also made sure that the IP-address is safe and we can never track certain information back to a specific IP-address.  We don’t send any information received on the site to third parties. This way we only use cookies to improve the quality of the site and at the same time retain the privacy of our visitors. The cookie will be active for 6 months. The information this cookie receives will be send to a server of Google. Google will use this information to make a report for our site. Google only sends this information to third parties if the law requires it. Google won’t combine your IP- address with the information and you can always block the use of cookies on your browser.

We would like to say that some areas of the site won’t be available if cookies are disabled. With the use of this site you agree that the information will be used in the way it is mentioned above.

Your rights
You have the rights to ask for your own personal information. If something happened and you would like to know what information we have about you or you would like to change the information please contact us. If you want to complain about the information we keep you can file a complaint in Authority Personal Data. At last you can request us to obtain your personal data that we transferred to third parties. To use your rights you can contact us, H. Hardeman B.V., phone number: 0318- 52 17 00, email: info@hardeman.nl.


Hardeman takes the security of the information very seriously and we take suited responses to reduce the chance of loss, misuse, uncertified use or uncertified changes. To make sure your information is secured we took measures. If you pay with iDeal then we use a 128bit Secure Sockets Layer with the latest technology to code and protect the information.

14 May 2018