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 Trading and Construction Company
Trading and Construction Company


H.Hardeman B.V. is always searching for partners who want a healthy long-term relationship so we can strengthen each other.

The following parties are currently our proud partners:


  • Lofthome – for your modern, detatched house. They are known for their open, light, environmentally-friendly and affordable houses!


  • Open Cover – for big, agricultural constructions for example roofs for sport clubs



  • Bouwgroep Noord – Our partner in Northern Netherlands. They build industrial and utility buildings


  • Panelbyg – panel construction in Denmark and Norway (Importer Hardeman Byggesystem)


  • Landstolpi - agricultural and industrial buildings in Iceland


  • Pikevastgoed – development and marketing of  commercial real estate in the Netherlands


  • XELLA BV – supplier of fire walls and partner in reseaching the IFD Living Modules


  • Your company??