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Imagine you want to build a new business premise. The parking of personal and transport vehicles will be a vital part. Check ‘Logistics and Loading docks’ for more information.

There are three different possibilities for the parking of personal vehicles:

A) Parking at ground level;

This method costs the most space but when there’s enough terrain and it’s not too expensive, then this is the cheapest and most comfortable way for customers or staff to park their vehicles. The parking lots will be a different colour from the ground, so there is no need for lines which can fade over time. The most comfortable way for customers to park is to project the lots under a 30 degree angle and work with one-way traffic (separate entrance and exit). This will cost more land, but will make parking much easier. For perpendicular parking 5 meter deep parking lots and 6 meter driveways are generally used.

However, when there isn’t enough parking space (or you want to use the space for different purposes) there are still other possibilities like:

B) Parking on the roof;

A ramp is necessary for public parking spaces, for vehicle storage an elevator can be used. The ramp needs to be wide enough for two-way traffic, if this is not possible we can work with traffic lights. When you want to park on the roof you will also need a stronger foundation and steel structure. A concrete floor will often be necessary, this allows for insulation and can be finished with coating. Of course, we would like to discuss this with our customers. Because a ramp takes up a lot of space this possibility only gets interesting when there are at least 80 parking lots or 1000 square meters parking space.

C) Underground car parks;

An underground car park is relatively expensive compared to the other alternatives. But when we are working with a very tall building this gets interesting because of the shorter ramp and the shorter route employees and guests will have to walk. We recommend placing the basement a bit higher than the basement level, so we can insulate it with 1000mm ‘open ventilation’. When this si not possible we cannot guarantee fire safety.

At last we can combine some of the possibilities mentioned above. For example, 4 layers on top of each other and 3 layers next to each other. Advantages of this method are the ventilation, no need for insulation and no need for waterproofing. H. Hardeman BV can offer complete custom parking decks for you.