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Logistics and loading docks

Many company buildings are provided with loading docks to load or unload trucks from the back with pump trucks or electrical forklifts without having to use the tailboards.

The position, length, slope and depth of the loading pits are very important. The pit must be positioned in such a way that the driver always has ‘inside bend’ on his side when parking in reverse. When this is not the case, the driver can’t see the back of the truck through either side mirror and consequently can’t park responsibly. The slope must also not be too steep (preferably 10%). We always advise not to have a ‘bend’ in the pit and not to have the gutter 10 meters away from the wall but directly next to it; with this, the slope can be much less steep in the same amount of space. The downside is when you’re loading by hand (with electrical pump truck or forklifts) you must push slightly against the slope.

The surface of the slope is also important: This is usually made out of concrete, not smoothly finished but coarsely swept, so it remains accessible even in slippery conditions.

Another interesting possibility is to plan offices or other spaces above the loading pit, this space is often left unused and is I many cases an ideal spot, close to the road near parking spaces and a lot of daylight.

Apart from loading docks there are a lot of logistical buildings with racks and/or automated cranes; these racks aren’t co-delivered but we can refer you to specialists and we’d love to cooperate with your rack builder or automation expert. In most spaces we must construct the building around the racks, so no valuable pallet space is lost. So, we don’t fit the racks inside the building, but we engineer the building around the racks. Here we will obviously take the type of truck, hallway size, concrete flatness requirements, etc. into account.

In short, with us you’re in the right place to find an efficient total solution.