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CE-Marking and DoP

(Construction products like sandwich panels, corrugated panels, steel constructions)

Nearly all construction products need to be marked with a CE-Marking. Producers, importers and distributors have to have their construction products tested or assessed for this. This has to happen according to European technical specifications (norms and ETA’s).

If the application of the product requires stricter safety and health aspects, a third party must perform certain tests and checks. For instance, for the fire behaviour of the product or constructive safety (welding). Such a third party is a Notified Body (or NoBo).

• What is a CE-Marking?
The CE-Marking is a European product marking. The CE-Marking shows that a construction product has been tested or assessed according to European technical specifications. And according to the methods in these specifications. Most construction products need to have a CE-Marking. This is decided by the CPR (Construction Products Regulation). These regulations count as a harmonised norm of the application of the product. So, the regulation is a sort of European law and has direct effect. This means it doesn’t have to be converted to national legislation.

Example: The CE-Marking must be placed on the packaging, the product or the accompanying documents; the sandwich panels, corrugated panels and cold-rolled products by H. Hardeman BV have the CE-Marking on the labels with reference to the website with the Declarations of Performance (DoP’s). For steel constructions (which are made up of many parts and can be delivered in phases), the CE-Marking is send by mail after delivery with the last invoice.
• Declaration of Performance construction products (DoP)
Products with a CE-Marking need a Declaration of Performance since July 1st, 2013, as per the CPR (Construction Products Regulation). Buyers of construction products receive information about the performance of the construction product from the producers and importers. Buyers in this scenario might be builder, architects, independent contractors and private individuals. This information is given to them in the form of a Declaration of Performance.

Example: The DoP’s of the products from H. Hardeman BV can be downloaded from our website (Dutch and English). Here you will find the performance of the products and the concerning norms it satisfies.
• Construction products with CE-Marking
Not all construction products require aa CE-Marking. In the module “Working with the CE-Marking” (Dutch) you can see what construction products require a CE-Marking and from what date the marking must be on the product.

Example: Self-supporting sandwich panels follow the norm EN 14509 which stand since October 1st, 2010. (Supporting) steel constructions follow the norm EN 1090-1 which stands since July 1st, 2014.
• Testing structural safety of constructions
Constructions and construction products must satisfy functional requirements and performance requirements. To assess the safety of constructions, a test about (among others) structural safety is required. There are European norms for the structural safety of construction. These are called the Eurocodes. These norms have replaced the national norms for constructions.

Example: All constructions (concrete/steel/wood) must be calculated according to the Eurocode.
• What does this mean for the products you buy from us?
H. Hardeman as producer and exporter of construction products to many European countries is responsible for executing the tests as described above (also known as ‘initial tests’) to document performance. Think about insulation value, fire security, strength, etc. These tests must – depending on the requirements of the norm – be performed by a NoBo (Notified Body); in our case these are, among others, Efectis (TNO) for fire tests and BDA (Kiwa) for structural and insulation technical tests.  Subsequently, the factory control system must be – depending on the requirements of the norm – audited and checked by an external organisation. At H. Hardeman BV this is (for steel constructions) doe by Tüv Süd Benelux.

You are assured excellent quality and can safely apply the products in the Netherlands, other EU-countries and far outside, where the CE-Marking has increasingly more meaning.

At last: The norms only represent the minimal requirements the products must satisfy and the way in which the information is communicated to the market. We want to go one step further: Also in the field of thinking about your design, realizing short delivery times, holding large amounts of products in stock and offering excellent aftercare. Our goal is to achieve a CE++ marking from our customers.