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In company buildings where a lot sound is produced – especially high tones from grinding or hammering – the acoustics of the building can become bothersome and start to cause exhaustion headaches.

To prevent this, it’s important to think about sound absorption early in the design phase. We can generally say: The harder, smoother and more massive the material is, the more sound reflection it causes and the more bothersome the echoing sound will be. The higher and larger the building, the less bothersome.

A sandwich panel with metal skin will be perfectly fine in a warehouse where there are no bothersome sound sources in the open. Covering potential sound sources is by far the best solution, because no matter the work you put into sound absorption, the volume itself (in dB) will barely be dampened, only the echo time is reduced.  If there are bothersome sound sources in your building (high rpm saws or grinds), then there are two ways to improve sound absorption:

The first is to use less hard materials in the design, for example aerated concrete inner walls instead of sandwich panels, providing the roof panels with acoustic felt and/or perforating the walls and providing these with sealed glass or rock wool insulation.

The downside of these ‘soft’ materials is that these generally attract more dust, and after some time can cause major pollution.

That’s why it’s alternatively possible to perform specific sound measurements after the building is finished; based on these measurements, we can see what frequencies cause problems in what areas, which can then be solved by mounting specific ‘baffles’ in these areas (acoustic panels).

In that case only a small part of the building needs to be treated which keeps costs down and which can easily be replaced or cleaned in case of pollution.

We’ll gladly assist you in a personal conversation, specifically on your situation about the pros and cons of the various possibilities.

Baffles in roof
Acoustic felt insides