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 Trading and Construction Company
Trading and Construction Company


H. Hardeman BV. produces and delivers worldwide modulair building systems for both agricultural and industrial applications as well as residential construction. Our sales department prepares a customized offer on your specific needs and local requirements. Our engineering department designs and plans the entire building in 3D. Based on this model, clear assembly drawings are made and order lists and drawings are generated for our computerized factories and experienced welders. The production is according to all latest norms like EN1090-2 steel fabrication.
Assembly location
All necessary flashings, moldings, etc. are prefabricated, so assembling the building on site is as simple as can be. We have extensive experience in the handling of structures and roof- and cladding-systems for exports in (open top) containers. Our expedition halls contains all necessary tools, such as overhead cranes and an 8 - and 14tons forklift. For installation on location, if required we can arrange one or more experienced supervisors.
In recent years this way many buildings are build up in Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Romania, Poland, Canada, many countries in Africa and the Caribbean .
Want to know more about building in your country or do you want to make an appointment ? Please contact us or one of our specialist partners