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 Trading and Construction Company
Trading and Construction Company


In the 70s H. Hardeman BV started in an era when there was a huge demand for storage sheds, warehouses and agricultural barns. During that time Harry Hardeman had a small farming business and he began to provide steel structures for clients throughout the whole country.
The trade in steel products, such as tubes and steel wiring mesh, quickly became a major part of the company. In the 80's the company was steadily expanded and finally moved to its current location in Veenendaal.
Second generation of the Hardeman Family
In the 90s, the second generation 'Hardeman sons' arrived to strengthen the company. The assembly department was expanded, and a second location in Veenendaal was bought, which was designed for the production of profiled sheets and sandwich panels.
In the new millennium , the trading department was expanded, including a web-shop for building products and many other products were added to the product range, such as tube clampss, galvanized steel wiring mesh etc. Hardeman also invested heavily in new production lines, such as cold formed sigma profiles, fireproof and architectural wall panels, new wall claddings, sine wave sheets, etc.
Expanding has never been the object
At present, Hardeman has approximately 285 employees and with this team we are excited to work on further automation of the business and the development of increasingly efficient building systems. Expanding has never been the main object in the past 40 years, but was always the result of improving processes and to meet the customer demand.
A very important part of Hardeman philosophy is that we are focusing on the client and listen to their wishes. Because of this state H. Hardeman BV stands on top in good and bad times.
Full of enthusiasm, we go on and we would love to hear what we can do for you now and in the future!
H.Hardeman BV