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 Trading and Construction Company
Trading and Construction Company


When you decide to start building or renovating, you’re immediately faced with an important choice. You can choose to have the activities executed by a capable company with a lot of applicable knowledge, cooperating in a construction team or not. Or would you rather have an consultancy firm have an architect design a plan to then go to contractors to find the lowest price?

A construction team is favourable

Let’s cut right to the chase. We at H. Hardeman BV are fully convinced that the first option is always cheaper, both in Euros as in price/quality ratio. Every industrial producer of construction materials or construction systems with the proper knowledge achieves, through continuously repeating the same detailing and materials, enormous efficiency and economies of scale which you could never achieve with a one-time design.

However, our preferred method of doing business is based on trust. Trust in the company you’re asking and trust in the products.

H. Hardeman BV works in the following ways.

  • As turn key deliverer
  • As construction team partner
  • As supplier
  • As deliverer of in-house construction

Saving through our construction systems

We take no part in procurements, but challenge every client to show us their (intermediate) design. Nine out of ten times it turns out that we can indeed save a great deal by converting the design into out construction system.

Want to know more about building in a construction team or do you want a no-obligations meeting? Contact us!