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 Trading and Construction Company
Trading and Construction Company

Service and maintenance

After delivering your company building, our responsibilities don’t stop. We’d love to stay in touch and for potential changes, expansions or damage repairs you can of course rely on us. Practically all materials are produced in our own factories, which makes deliveries quick.

Inspection contract

Do you not want to have to worry about the maintenance of your building? Than conclude an inspection contract with us at delivery. This means that, once every year, we fully inspect the building and perform small maintenance, like clearing rainwater discharges or oiling turned parts. Furthermore, you will receive a well-documented inspection report with maintenance and restoration advice for the next year within 5 working days after the inspection. In this way you will also satisfy several government requirements, like the inspection of water-proof floors. You will also satisfy the conditions set by suppliers of roofings and coatings to be applicable for warranties.

Your inspection and maintenance file will be kept by us and will be available to you at any time.