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Trading and Construction Company

Renovation and remodelling

Renovating, remodelling and expanding existing company buildings and offices is becoming an increasingly more important market segment and H. Hardeman BV has taken interest in becoming the market leader of this segment. The industrial zones and premises are filled with buildings that are 20 up to even 40 years old and the owners must often face the following question: New construction, expansion or renovation?

We won’t make you figure it out on your own and would love to think along by presenting de pros and cons of all options. Sometimes it’s possible to get an old building back in line by providing new roof cladding, wall cladding, insulation and/or frames. You’ll often be supported in this by an available subsidy.

We offer the optimal solution

Expanding an existing building is of course also one the possibilities, for instance by adding an extra mezzanine floor. There are simple system floors available for this, but often larger spans and changes to the existing building are necessary. It can also occur that sandwich panel inner walls or roofs are deemed necessary. When panels containing asbestos need to be removed, we’d also love to help you with a complete solution.

You heard it right: In every specific case we deliver custom work and come to a fitting solution. We’d love to be of service. Especially with the renovation of existing buildings, it’s important that you have the activities executed by a trusted and experienced company, who know what problems you could encounter during the project. H. Hardeman BV is such a company. We won’t walk out when it doesn’t work out and will offer you the optimal solution in the field of renovation, remodelling and expansion.

Before and after renovation