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Trading and Construction Company

New construction

Increasingly more clients choose for system construction as their new building. The big difference with traditional construction appeals to many: Instead of having an architect, a constructor and one or more contractors do everything over again, they choose for a tested concept. With this, all components of detailing, colour schemes, connections, etc. are optimally matched. This results in much lower costs of failure and shorter construction times. The pros are clear: You know immediately where you stand. Before you even buy the ground or submit the building request, you know that your project can be realized within your budget, so annoying expenditure cuts will only be a part of the past. The construction time is 20-40% shorter than with regular construction, which keeps interest charges lower and you can get started with making money in your new building much sooner.

We offer a cost estimate within no-time

The building system from H. Hardeman BV have developed further in the past years and is characterised by high rates of prefabrication, an excellent insulation value and fire-proofing and sophisticated detailing. It’s important that the sooner you tell us about your building plans, the more we can do for you. Based on just measurements and a simple set of requirements and wishes, we can quickly give you a cost estimate. If you own a plot or an option on one, our employees would love to think along about the optimal design of the site and the position and execution of the building on top. We’d love to offer you a surprising solution.

Are you pleased with the design sketch and quotation? Then our in-house designers and constructors will get to work on readying you building request. If you have contracted your own architect, we’d love to cooperate to get to a beautiful design together.


Do you want a no-obligation discussion or quotation? Be sure to contact us or watch our company video for a first impression into the process.